Powerful Giveaway!


🇬🇧 Hi,

As the 2000 followers are close, I decided to prepare my first and biggest international giveaway: the #PowerfulGiveaway 😄

You can win 20 ebook copies of my medieval fantasy novel, so you have many chances to get one 🍀

Discover a unique magic world, endearing characters and epic fight scenes 💪

📚📚📚 Things to do 📚📚📚

➡️ Tag at least 2 friends in the comments below (and the more you will tag friends is an extra chance!).
➡️ Follow my account if you’re not already following me 😊
➡️ Repost this with the hashtag #PowerfulGiveaway and tag me please 😉
➡️ Send me your name, age, country and name account by email at: sanlemoing@gmail.com so no one will be forgotten 📝

❓If you have questions, you can DM me or send me an email 😊

📖 If you want to know more about #PowerfulT1 you can take a look at the link in my bio, on #Goodreads and on the official hashtag 👍

❤️ Of course, thanks so so much again to all the very nice and lovely bloggers who accepted to read & review it and for the beautiful pics: @bibliophilealley @aliss_and_books @bookreservoirchronicle @oceans_of_books @_bookdragon_33 @thereadingrunaway @_thebookreview

Have a great day 🌿

⚔️👑 ‘Powerful: The Realm of Harcilor’ is available as paperback as well & can be read with Kindle Unlimited 📚

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